To be visionary is obligatory for one who wants victory in one’s field.

We can elaborate our VISION like this:

V – Varied knowledge

I  – Inquisitive Minds

S – Standard Research

I  – Innovative Scholars

O – Online Expertise

N – Never say ‘NO’

For us ‘Education is the process of quality learning’. This requires an open and inquisitive mind of both learners and teachers along with immense trust on each other. That’s why Go swami Tulsidas has also written

‘’श्रोता वक्ता ज्ञाननिधि ’’

which means the listener and orator both are the sea of varied knowledge. We only need to create various ways of interaction between both of them for further enhancement of knowledge. And, this is the key to understand our prime question‘What is Education’.

Now comes the second question ‘Why we need Education’. There are so many things to learn for our common sustainable development. As an individual, one has to shape his or her career.As a society, one has to make it better for living. For this, we need Education which plays very critical role in our life. Education expands our minds to think bigger, creative and productive. Education gives us strength to research solutions of our problems. In short, Education helps us to realize our inner potentials and channelize them to make our lives better.

However, we also need to think that ‘Where can we achieve such quality Education’. In this modern world, we have various smart ways of learning. Along with conventional institutions of education, we are now moving ahead towards online learning. Through this, Education can be reached from one corner of Globe to another within moments. Therefore, our vision is to promote standard researches on innovative ways of learning and Education.

The last but not the least is ‘Who will impart such Education’.Here comes the supreme role of our ‘Gurus’, guides or teachers. They will facilitate the leaner towards the path of progressive learning. They are the real motivators because of which a learner develops never say ‘No’ attitude towards learning in his or her life.

Our vision caters all inherent concerns of the above mentioned four key questions of What, Why, Where & Who about Education. These are our 4 Ws, that fulfill our mission.

Thank you and wish all the best….