How Exactly Does The No Flakes Policy Work With “First” Dating App?

How Exactly Does The No Flakes Policy Work With “First” Dating App?

Boost your hand if dating apps turn you into want to rip your very own eyeballs out sometimes.

Ah, yes, we see the majority of you’ve got raised both hands

Now, boost your hand if swiping on another person’s sh*tty dating app profile blurry and bio photos is needs to cause you to feel as youare going to perish alone.

No? Just me personally? An excessive amount of?

PERFECTLY, ANYWAY, in the event that you bail on dates if you, like me, are tired of swiping and swiping and swiping, only to never actually get to the first date stage with your matches, there’s a new dating app that’s lets you skip right to the first date — seriously, no messaging is allowed — AND literally bans you.

All flakes, beware. (By “all flakes,” I mostly suggest me personally, the queen of rainfall checks).


The brand new software is calledР’ First dating app. Shortly, the real method itР’ works is pretty easy. When you create a profile, you’ll peruse through individuals in search of a date to do a specific task. Instead, it is possible to set aР’ date up and demand submissions yourself.

At that time, anyone setting up the date can decide whom they wish to carry on the date with, and VOILA, whether or not it’s you, you simply appear, and also you’re prepared.

Now, listed here is where this bailer’s-worst-nightmare of a hit policy will come in.

Essentially, you must show through to this date, even though you actually would rather saw your arm that is own down. As a no-show on the date if you don’t (valid reasons included), First marks you.

Relating to Mashable, it is two hits and also you’re out (meaning prohibited through the application) in terms of no-shows. So “now” you and “future” you better be regarding the exact same web page whenever it comes down to making these plans, particularly because users also can “rate” you as a romantic date.

App creator, 25-year-old Truman Kain, told Mashable this is to ensure only people that are “right” for the software are those that are earnestly utilizing it.

Can it be simply me personally, or does this feel a complete great deal like Uber?

You posted a submission to, your Date will probably be putting a lot of effort and time into getting to the date when you choose a winner for a date that you’ve posted, or are chosen as a winner for a date that. In the event that you stand that individual up, you aren’t the kind of consumer that is making First enjoyable for other individuals. You might be obstructed from First without warning at our discernment if you should be a no-show or are belated to a night out together.

A people that are few Twitter have actually caught wind of First’s more innovative policies — particularly the “no messaging” aspect — and undoubtedly involve some thoughts about any of it:

I am talking about, a point is had by these peopleР’. Do I nevertheless get knocked to be a “no show” if my date actually is a creep?

In general, as the hit policy might appear a bit intense (imagine if a genuine crisis takes place, exactly what with me instead?), itВ is a potentially helpful way to get all of us complaining about dating out of dating purgatory for good if I have every intention of going on this date but get abducted by aliens, or what if BeyoncГ© tells me she wants to hang out.

Plus, by the end of the time, perhaps it will be a good class in actually following through with plans generally speaking, as opposed to making lame excuses.

I am talking about, i will just manage the dog that is sick don’t already have a lot of times.

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