Special Lecture organized by Mr. Muneer Ahmad

L.N.Mithila University

Special Lecture organized by

Mr. Muneer Ahmad
School of Life & Environment Sciences,
Faculty of sci Eng & built Environment,
Deakin University, Australia.

On the topic of
Research Ethics,
Research Design,
Data Analysis,
Data Management,
Writing a paper etc.

04-06-2020 (Thursday)
Time:-12:30 p.m

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Department of Education
L.N.Mithila University

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    Great my HOD Sir who are keenly interested in holistic development of all research scholar and for this he keeps managing very learned and pedantic scholar such as Muneer Sir,Sapna Narula Mam and so many .Thank you Sir availing such scholarly lecture for all research scholar of education department of LNMU,Darbhanga.
    Thanks a lot to my HOD Sir.

  2. Monika Shree

    Today’s lecture by Muneer Ahmad sir was very informative. He very nicely explained about the different software used during the research work.
    Thank you to our HOD sir for managing such a wonderful classes 😊

  3. Jyoti Jyotsna

    Very informative class of Muneer sir regarding software used in research…..Very useful to put into practice immediately.
    Thanks to our HOD sir for providing opportunities to learn in wider range.

  4. ISHITA(research scholar)

    Very knowledgeable and informative class of Muneer sir.
    Thanks to our HOD sir

  5. Md.Ansar Alam Ansari.Research Scholar.LNMU

    Muneer sir lecture was so informative and we knew the use of different software in research work.

  6. Niraj Ranjan Singh (Research Scholar PAT-2019)

    मुनीर सर का व्याख्यान बहुत ही उत्कृष्ट रहा l उन्होंने रिसर्च के व्यवहारिक पक्षों में होने वाली कठिनाइयों को ध्यान आकृष्ट कराया l उन कठिनाइयों को दूर करने आवश्यक मार्गदर्शन प्रदान किया l रिसर्च स्काॅलर के लिए काफी लाभदायक रहा। साथ ही साथ यह अवसर प्रदान कराने HOD सर बहुत – बहुत आभार l

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